Inspection by the Guard Commander…

7 thoughts on “Inspection by the Guard Commander…

    1. I’m going to have Freeda watch this and see if we can do something similar for my first cup of coffee…But I’m not too sure she’ll go for it.
      I remember polishing my father’s combat boots for him. They had to be perfect.
      It was an honor, and I would work on them for over an hour.

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      1. Shoes were done with plenty of water.
        Even the boots, they were done but applying black shoe polish and burning into the leather but left dull so as not to reflect when InCountry. All loose threads burned with a match. Gig lines squared away. Trouser fly seam in line with shirt seam line. Belt buckle in line with trouser and shirt seams. Shirts, two creases ironed in, going through button of pocket on each side, three creases ironed in, the back. Trousers pressed. Shirt sleeves creases pressed.
        That’s only the beginning.

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