Bad Move: Trying to Rob Lee Ray’s…

WARDVILLE, La. (KALB) – We’ve learned new details about the shooting Sunday night in Wardville. The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office told us that a person attempted to rob Lee Rays General Store, and the owner shot the person.

Still image from surveillance video of attempted robbery at Lee Rays in Wardville. Courtesy: Frank Issa

But Lee Rays owner, Frank Issa reached out to News Channel 5 letting us know that there was more to the story than what investigators are releasing, and that he had surveillance video to back it up.

He gave us a copy of the video to see for ourselves.

The video shows not one, but three men entering Lee Rays in wearing hoods and masks over their faces, one of them was carrying a gun.

Issa said they demanded money. And one pushed two customers out of his way and jumped on the counter. He continued to point his gun at Issa.

That’s when Issa’s brother distracted the attempted robbers, allowing Issa to grab his own gun. Issa began shooting at the three men, he said he hit one in the stomach and one in the arm.

We spoke with Sheriff William Earl Hilton, he told us one victim is still in the hospital, and the other was treated and has been released to his parents. They are still searching for the third suspect.

Their names have not been released, and no word on any charges yet against the three.


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