Bad Move: Picking The Wrong “White Boi”…

It’s “White Man” to you, racist punk!!!

7 thoughts on “Bad Move: Picking The Wrong “White Boi”…

    1. Agreed…Not my fight, but you can hear the guy’s buddies trying to get others to join in. He could have gotten beat to death in the street. When he was “clinching” I kept waiting for him to lay on a knee or groin kick. I also HATE all the “bro” crap…makes me want to vomit.
      He did, eventually, win but he just took so long to do so as he lolled about in a very dangerous situation

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      1. That’s right. When the opponent was staggering, he should have stepped to the inside of him and given an uppercut to the chin, driving through with his bodyweight, hips, back, thigh and shoulder, and knocked the aggressor out cold.
        Dangerous, as we see the hair yanked and body locked. The other two males could have run up and stabbed him to death.

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        1. My concern as well. It ain’t like it was when I was in school. We used to have “friendly” fights, with rules like “no kicking.” No-one would gang up on someone in a fight. Then I grew up and realized that their are no rules, and some people are just flat out mean…So sometimes you have be flat out mean…

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            1. You got your street training early!
              My mother once told me “Never start a fight, never back down from one, and if you have to fight, fight dirty and win!”…I have a wonderful mother, may GOD smile on her.
              My first “kid fight” was when we moved to a new area, and three other kids were threatening me…I was about 7. I went in and told my dad who replied “well whip their asses.” I realized that he didn’t care that I was outnumbered and went back outside. I tried to make it look like I was “standing up” to them, but dad wasn’t fooled. After a few minutes he came out on the porch and yelled “you whip their asses, or I’m gonna whip yours!” Being way more scared of dad than these kids, I turned and nailed the middle one who did most of the talking in the jaw…and they all just disappeared. After that we were all big friends and got along fine, though the one I punched was mad because I had “loosened his tooth.” I have a great dad too! GOD bless him, it was a GREAT life lesson.

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              1. I was a troubled kid. Never started any fight but always finished every one. I have teeth scars on the knuckles of my right hand. Never lost any street fight up to this moment. Problem was, I was the winner, and the target of ridicule. The only thing that kept me out of fights, was being on my uncle’s tugboat as a kid, and then there were two close calls. All of that experience was channelled when I was a cop on patrol, because every now and then, situations arise where you will be involved in a fight to secure lawful arrest. Torn uniforms led to me having nine complete sets of summer and winter uniforms. Plainclothes assignment at least t-shirts and dungarees. Detective squad has proper business attire, but the switch is this, you become smart enough not to get into a position where fighting is necessary, you use your brain, more. Many cops said that I could “seduce” people to putting on my handcuffs. I laughed.

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