Some Cultures are Better Than Others…

5 thoughts on “Some Cultures are Better Than Others…

  1. Cultures are NOT equal.
    Also, there is no BETTER culture or SUPERIOR culture insofar as the people create their own culture over centuries and millennia.
    Thus each people’s OWN culture ist the best for this very people.
    Thus multiculturalism cannot work.

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  2. Multiculturalism UK style.
    If you are indigenous Christian, white, of English stock, you are a racist.
    If the indigenous don’t like what is caused by the non indigenous, they are labelled racist.
    Fun bit about it? It doesn’t work both ways.
    So when non indigenous criticise the indigenous, that’s OK.
    Racism a tag used only for Christian, white, of English stock.

    The truth is multiculturalism is censorship and control.
    It’s policies to FORCE the indigenous population to accept the unacceptable.
    The destruction of our culture, ideals, religion, freedom of speech, one law, and the right to peaceful protest.

    All key aims of a totalitarian styled government.

    p.s. Having written this I’ll probably be labelled a racist. (Thoughtpolice visit probably pending)
    Still if you aren’t on a government watch list by now, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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