Good News: “Refugee” Numbers Fall to 15 Year low; Now More Christians than muslims…

President Trump is keeping his campaign pledge to cut the number of refugees coming to America, especially Muslims.

CNS News reported on Wednesday that August saw the fewest refugees accepted in the U.S. since 2002. Only 913 refugees total were admitted compared to 7,371 that were admitted in the last full month of President Obama’s term. Christian refugee applicants  are now outpacing Muslims.

In January, 49 percent of refugees were Muslim while only 40 percent were Christian compared to August when 60 percent were Christian, 24 percent were Muslim, and 16 percent were other.

The biggest group of Christians were 238 Pentecostalists and Baptists from the Ukraine. Most of the Muslims who entered the country were Sunnis from Syria and Iraq fleeing the civil war and ISIS.

Trump’s executive order for his travel ban included a cap of refugees at 50,000 annually though the State Department can decide to bring more in if there’s a legitimate concern for more refugees.

If they are able to keep the number at 50,000 or less for the next fiscal year, it will be the smallest group of refugees entering the US since the Bush Administration.

In his attempt to alter the demographics of the country, Obama’s Administration brought in more than 200,000 refugees from 2014 to 2016.

Via: IOTWReport

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