Democrat-Commie-Anarcists (anti-fa) Call for “No U.S.A. at All”…

Media has finally been giving some coverage to the black-clad masked rioters called Antifa.

But they’ve frequently been painted by liberal media as ‘anti-fascist,’ fighting neo-Nazis and even trying to achieve ‘peace through violence’ according to CNN.


There’s a problem with calling them Antifa. That’s their name for themselves and it plays into this fiction that they are doing something noble.

After all, most people are against fascists, so when a group calls themselves ‘Anti-fascist,’ it sounds like a good thing, right?

Yet they’re not really ‘anti-fascist,’ since they want to shut down speech and beat people up.

But beyond that for decades they’ve been attacking events that have absolutely nothing to do with Nazis or fascists, such as the G20 and the WTO, and May Day celebrations in cities such as Seattle.

And they’re not just an American problem, they’ve been in Europe for decades as well.

So calling them Antifa clouds something very important and exposes a very big fault of media. And terms are very important because Antifa misuses them.

So what are they about and what should we call them if we don’t call them Antifa?

They have a chant, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

To the uninformed, that sounds like they don’t want any fascists in the USA.

Yes, not peace, not love, “No Trump, no wall, no USA at all.”

That’s the aim. When they chant “no fascist USA,” they don’t mean eliminate the fascists. They mean all of you ARE the fascists because you are not as left as them.

To them, the USA is fascist. It’s the USA and its government that must be done away with.

It’s why they protest the G20 and the WTO. Because all those folks are fascists too.

Media fails to cover who they really are and what the flags they carry mean.

There’s a reason they carry red and black flags. Red means communist. Black means anarchy. Red and black means anarcho-communist. The “A” in a circle doesn’t stand for antifa, it stands for anarchy.

It’s why they attack economic summits like the G20, because hey, capitalist.

It’s why they riot on May Day.

Perhaps it’s because media is leftist and many agree with some of the philosophy, but media has been reluctant to call out the communist connection behind them and the anti-Trump groups like Refuse Fascism, the biggest organization behind the Resistance movement.

But it’s easy to see on their signs with Worker’s World Party or Rev Com. The leaders of Refuse Fascism are the leaders in Rev Com.

A lot the same people are behind the anti-Trump movement who were behind BLM who were behind Occupy. It’s important to state that so you can see it isn’t ultimately about the cause of the moment, whatever it’s claimed to be. But it is always about the anti-capitalism and communism which is the underlying base.



Media seems to be reluctant to call out the communist connection. But when those same people confess to being communists and preach communist thought, I think you actually can call them communist.

Antifa misuses or misdefines another term. Violence.

Well, that would seem a simple term, but not to them.

To them, property damage is not violence. So when they claim to be ‘peaceful and non-violent’ and media run that they’re peaceful, they mean two different things. So they can still destroy a city, but be ‘non-violent.’ This is a communist fiction they actually learn.

Another one is that while property damage isn’t violent, words can be. So words they find offensive can be ‘violent.’ Of course, that’s a similar fiction.

But words do matter and terms are important.

Just as it is important to call Islamic terrorism by its proper name in order to fight it, so we must call Antifa and the attendant leftist groups by their proper name in order to fight them.

There are some media who have ventured far enough to call them anarchists. And there are some who may just be anarchists. But let’s stop avoiding calling out the philosophy that is largely animating them.


Caroons: BRANCO

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