Chick-Fil-A Rescues Customers From Flooded Texas Home…

First, know that the Blunt family prayers are with ALL of Texas, and the Gulf areas affected by Harvey.

Second, Chick-Fil-A is one of the finest organizations in the United States of America…(so of course the democrats hate them)…

An elderly couple trapped in their Houston home amid the rising floodwaters called their local Chick-fil-A to order two chicken burritos and a side of help. The greatest chicken restaurant of all time responded to their call on Monday by sending a boat and two jet skis to save the couple and some of their belongings.

“I ordered two grilled chicken burritos with extra egg and a boat,”J.C. Spencer, of Houston explained in an interview with Good Morning America. “And can you believe that one of the managers of Chick-fil-A, she sent her husband to pick us up and we are so grateful.”

J.C. and his wife Karen ordered breakfast from their local Chick-fil-A every morning, but when they called on Monday, the restaurant was closed due to the deadly, rising floodwaters. The manager, Jeffrey Urban, happened to be at the restaurant checking on things when the phone started to ring off the hook. When he noticed that it was the Spencers’ number, he picked up expecting the couple to place their regular order.

When Urban picked up, J.C. asked for help, explaining that the floodwaters had risen to a dangerous level in his home and that 911 was not responding to his calls.

“He was saying he was trying to reach out to people, and he couldn’t get any response from 911,” Urban told HLN on Thursday. “So he called Chick-fil-A to see if we could help him out. And it was such a blessing that, in that exact moment, I was there to answer the phone and get him help.”

So Urban called the store owner and HR director, who had a boat, to coordinate a rescue effort for the elderly couple.

After the boat arrived, the couple was having a difficult time choosing what belongings to bring with them in the small boat. Luckily, two men on jet skis showed up to carry J.C. and Karen from their home.

Via: TheFederalist


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