“anti-Fa” Meets a REAL MAN who Actually Did Kill Nazis, Then Disrespects the Disabled Veteran in a Wheelchair…

All you need to know about the democrat’s militant wing.

Anti-Fa are indoctrinated hate-filled scum who attack women, children, and men in wheelchairs.

The left is unwittingly sealing their own doom…

anti-Fa skank tells you how she feels about the U.S. Constitution…

5 thoughts on ““anti-Fa” Meets a REAL MAN who Actually Did Kill Nazis, Then Disrespects the Disabled Veteran in a Wheelchair…

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Decades ago, I knew a Waffen SS trooper, and I asked him about the war. He refused to talk to me and then ran and hid, telling people that I was a “Nazi Hunter”. I only wanted to hear his perspective. He said my eyes were the eyes of a killer. I told him of where I had been, and he said, then I should not ask any questions, I should know, because he was no different from me.

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    1. You’re different…Your team won (Some would argue with that, but 500,000 to 53,000 is a win, and if the U.S. had unleashed you guys on the North it would have ended differently). You fought to try and keep people free, not to conquer them.
      I have a really great book by a German sniper in WWII…The Nazis weren’t near as nasty as the Japanese or the Russians.

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      1. Thank you. My late father-in-law, was with 1st US Cavalry, in the Pacific, when the horses were torpedoed. He ended up combat wounded and shrapnel removals to the day he died. He had absolutely nothing good to say about the Japanese.
        AS far as myself is concerned, between what took place over there, and my career over here, I live each and every day with a feeling of failure. My best days are behind me, and it looks like I will close out my days, continuing with that lousy feeling. In fact, about seven years ago (?), I was buying cigars at a cigar store, and one guy, a customer, works at the local VA hospital. In talk, the store owner tells the guy that I was In Country. I didn’t want to hear it. I made the purchase, and left. Then the next time, the guy is in the store and says that he is glad that he saw me because he looked things up, and believes that I have PTSD since my service time. I was not interested. He asked why. I said, that I was home 37 years, and the VA never allowed me to make a claim or side in my favor. Whatever happened, it was part of the fabric of my character. He disagreed. I put the purchase into my saddlebag, got on my Harley (FLHRCI), and left without saying another word to the guy. I was pissed and anger filled me. Typical, for a day in my life. Maybe the snowflakes will rewrite that history, and it will never have happened. A couple of friends, who all were In Country, simply said, all of them, to just let it go.
        Thanks again for your kind words.

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        1. Thank you for your service.
          I worked with a gentleman who served in Nam, and one night I was spouting the leftist drivel I heard nightly on the news and he set me straight. He told me that he was there to stop the spread of Communism, and that’s what he had to believe to make it all make sense. He said that he didn’t want to hear anything else. He wasn’t mad…but I could see in his eyes that he had things to deal with.
          He was right, I was wrong, and it’s settled for me.

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