Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe: If you Murder a White Family and Steal Their Land, you Will Not be Prosecuted; South Africa Thinks he has a Great Idea…

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has said that people who murdered white farmers during a government-sanctioned purge in the 2000s will never be prosecuted.

The 93-year-old president addressed a rally in Harare on Monday to mark Heroes’ Day, which commemorates soldiers who have fought for the country, particularly in its independence war against British colonizers.

Zimbabwe implemented a controversial land reform program in 2000 that saw squatters invade and seize hundreds of white-owned farms around the country. The violent seizures resulted in the murder of several white farmers, with many more displaced, and close associates of Mugabe given large chunks of land.

“Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted. We will never prosecute those who killed them. I ask, why should we arrest them?” Mugabe said, according to Zimbabwean news site NewsDay.

“Government” declares open Season on these people…Because of their skin color…

The land reform program led to Western donors cutting aid to Zimbabwe and imposing sanctions on many in the government, including Mugabe himself, who remains under EU and U.S. sanctions.

The program is also seen as contributing to Zimbabwe’s economic crisis, as in many cases those who were given land were not as productive as the previous owners.


The History of Zimbabwe’s Brilliance in Three Headlines. From: MoonBattery

It’s not only Zimbabwe…

Looks like South Africans will not have to wait for Julius Malema to take power for the situation there to degenerate into either civil war or a one-side race war of annihilation:

On stage in a stadium in Soweto, the township at the heart of the uprising against apartheid, South Africa’s president, in a green and gold leather jacket, was dancing a Zulu war jig. …

In front of more than 20,000 people — party loyalists and others bussed in with the promise of free food and ‘Zuma T-shirts’ — he warned the white population he was coming for their land. …

He also attacked his critics among the black population, branding them ‘back stabbers and cowards’. Anyone opposing him was a ‘racist’.

The term racist has the same definition in South Africa as in the USA: “someone who opposes leftist authoritarianism.”

Zuma had earlier informed the South African parliament that he planned to introduce a new law allowing land seizures to go ahead without compensation, saying all blacks should unite to ‘take back the land’.

European civilization has thrived in South Africa for as long as it has in North America. In North America, moonbats tell us that our ancestors stole the land from Stone Age savages. Same in South Africa.

Mzwandile Masina, a prominent member of the ruling African National Congress (ANC), made his own incendiary contribution, warning that ‘we will crush’ anyone who stands ‘in the way of nation building’.

Whites, who comprise four million out of a total South African population of 50 million, should expect that things will be ‘very, very rough’ for them, Masina warned. He told the crowd that while the white population is small in number, ‘we are many’.

Actually, the odds would favor whites, who are only outnumbered 12½ to 1, if not for political correctness. But thanks to leftism, many if not most whites have been convinced that they do not deserve to exist, and that their race and their culture should be eradicated.

It remains to be seen how many white South Africans will fight back, even to save their lives. No other country will defend them. On the contrary, Western politicians will piously side with the communist savages as they loot, murder, enslave, and plunge a nation into poverty and misery. That’s how sick political correctness has made us.

The current state of affairs in this nation created by cultural Marxism:

The economy is undoubtedly in peril after government bonds were downgraded to junk status. Once a net exporter of food — as neighbouring Zimbabwe was before Robert Mugabe seized land from whites in a programme of ‘racial transformation’ — the country is now forced to rely on imports to feed the population.

Unemployment is 90 per cent in some townships, and riots — described as ‘service delivery protests’ by the ANC — are so widespread and frequent they barely get reported.

Crime is rampant — with more than 50 murders a day, many sadistic and barbaric — while South Africa is shamed by an appalling record on rape, with a woman sexually assaulted every 23 seconds.

As anyone could have predicted back in the 1990s, the wheels are coming off. In addition, Zuma’s conspicuous corruption hangs over him like a Sword of Damocles. To hold onto power, he has been plunging ever further into radicalism.

Bleats former President F.W. de Klerk, who shared a Nobel Peace Prize for his role in setting all this in motion,

‘We hope that the world will condemn growing institutionalised racism against (white) minorities with the same vigour with which it condemned apartheid.’

Not likely.

Jacob Zuma, current President of South Africa.


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      1. You’re welcome. Rhodesia never had those crackpot issues, nor did South Africa, until the communist leaning regimes took over. Both of those nations today look like slums, rather than the jewels they formerly were. Progress?

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