UPDATE: Driss Oukabir Identified as mohammedan Terrorist Murderer…

Color me shocked…

The murderer of tourists and families is a muzzie…

The first suspect identified as linked to the Barcelona terror attack is a Moroccan citizen who lived in Spain legally, investigators revealed Thursday.

Driss Oukabir was arrested by police in Spain as a suspect in the attack, El Pais reported.

The suspect, born in 1989, was a resident of Ripoli, and had been the one to rent the van that was used in Thursday’s attack, investigators said, adding that the rental agency was located about 40 miles from Barcelona.

Police announced on Twitter that they had arrested one suspect and were “treating him as a terrorist.”

Authorities reportedly said they found a Spanish passport inside the van, but Oukabir had an identification number of foreigners, according to El Pais.

Via: FOX



5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Driss Oukabir Identified as mohammedan Terrorist Murderer…

    1. If he wasn’t there…if he wasn’t given a license and ID…if he wasn’t taught how to culturally appropriate by driving a vehicle…12 humans would be alive and smiling RIGHT NOW…80 would not be in pain and fighting for their lives.
      This is STUPID and so very avoidable…

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