In liberal de Blasio’s New York, Illegal Aliens Scurry About Naked and in Costume Harassing Tourists; Violence Against Schoolkids is Hidden from Parents…

Costumed characters in Times Square are giving the finger to attempts to rein them in, refusing to stay in designated areas and continuing to curse in front of kiddies and threaten passers-by for dough.


Foul-mouthed desnudas, grabby Hulks and tourist-terrorizing gangs of Minnie Mice are still brazenly holding the Crossroads of the World hostage even amid a heavy presence of NYPD cops, who act oblivious to their disturbing antics.

At any given moment on two recent afternoons, only half of the two-dozen tip-mooching characters stayed behind the blue lines of Times Square’s “Designated Activity Zones,” or DAZs, the city-mandated areas created last year as their boundary for posing for photos and asking for tips.

Yet none of those who illegally strayed outside the zones were issued summonses by the half-dozen police patrolling the pedestrian plaza.

A law-enforcement source shrugged that the officers’ hands were tied since most of the costumed panhandlers are illegal — and under the de Blasio administration, it’s a no-no to go after them.

Mayor de Blasio signed the bill that created the DAZs.

The most shameless of the costumed pack repeatedly left the DAZs to grab, mob and berate tourists — “Take a photo lady! Mami!” shouted a trio of overly-aggressive Minnie Mice — in their frantic pursuit of cash.

“I told you, if you don’t have a tip, then f— off!” one star-spangled desnuda, a painted nude hustler, snarled to a Post reporter, displaying just the sort of greed that detractors say is ruining Times Square’s happy, family vibe.


Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins told The Post during a recent walk through the crowded pedestrian plaza, “Watch — the Hulk always goes and touches people.”

The superhero was well outside the DAZ at 47th Street and Broadway, getting tourists’ attention by running up to them and putting his bulky green arm around their shoulders.

“The Hulk drives me crazy,” Tompkins said.

At 46th Street and Seventh Avenue, a trio of polka-dotted Minnie Mice were working in tandem.

The first Minnie would crash a tourist’s selfie or run up to a child, arms outstretched. Once the first Minnie was in the picture, the others would rush in.

“Suddenly, there’s three Minnies in your picture,” Tomkins said. “And a Batman, and a Spider-Man. And they all want cash. And they’re all outside the zone.

“They are very aggressive,” Tashay Carter, 30, from Birmingham, Ala., complained.

“I just encountered that with Cookie Monster. I didn’t want to get a photo, and he or she or whoever it was, they were very aggressive with me.”

A woman who works in the plaza recalled an encounter from last week. The petite Asian woman said she had been taking a cell-phone photo at 47th Street and Broadway when a Cookie Monster attacked her.

Assuming she was a tourist, the fuzzy blue character ran over and locked her into a tight one-arm embrace, all the while shouting “Arigato! Arigato!” — Japanese for thank you.

“It took multiple times saying, ‘No. Don’t touch me!’ ” before Cookie let go, said the woman, who asked her name not be used.

“Within a minute, a Minnie Mouse, before I even saw her, had her hand on the back of my neck, saying, “Picture! Picture!”

The woman said she again had to shout repeatedly, “Don’t touch me!” before the panhandler let go.

Eight DAZs were established a year ago to keep the costumed creatures literally in line after a series of ugly incidents, including a Spider-Man who wouldn’t let go of a 13-year-old kid until the father paid $10 and a Batman who snatched a $50 bill from an Irish tourist’s wallet.

Via: NYP

Don’t Think Mayor de Doofeo is Content to Only Endanger Visitors to the City…He also Delights in Putting New York’s Children at Risk…

The de Blasio administration failed to report more than 10,000 violent incidents at city schools during the 2015-16 school year, according to an advocacy group.

There were 16,851 “violent” incidents in city schools – a six percent increase from the 2014-15 school year and more than any other year on record, Families for Excellent Schools said in a report Tuesday.

The pro-charter group said the administration failed to post more than 10,000 of the incidents, which it uncovered in state data.

The report also found that, for the first time on record, school violence has worsened every year for three consecutive years and increased by 30 percent since Mayor de Blasio took office in 2013 – despite claims by Hizzoner and the Department of Education that city schools have become safer.

“Contrary to what Mayor de Blasio would have families believe, state data clearly shows that schools are less safe than ever before,” said Jeremiah Kittredge, CEO of Families for Excellent Schools.

“Failing to report 10,000 violent incidents covers up a crisis of this administration’s own making,” Kittredge said.

Data for the 2016-17 school year has not yet been released.

The analysis concluded that “city schools remain incredibly dangerous” based on previously reported incidents of abusive teachers, sex assault and firearms recovery, which the report says skyrocketed by 43 percent from the previous year.

Families for Excellent Schools said it compared data retrieved from the city’s Citywide Performance Report portal to the higher number contained in state data.

Via: NYP

7 thoughts on “In liberal de Blasio’s New York, Illegal Aliens Scurry About Naked and in Costume Harassing Tourists; Violence Against Schoolkids is Hidden from Parents…

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    You can find them on Craigslist or similar because they are prostitutes, and that is how, women who are illegal aliens, make their tax free income. Comrade Warren Wilhelm, a/k/a: Bill De Blasio, allows the crap to prosper and spread.

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    1. ?????
      I think the complaints are:
      1. Exposing themselves in public, to children and families who are just trying to enjoy a day out.
      2. Harassing and threatening tourists and extorting money from them.
      3. They’re ILLEGAL ALIENS, and no matter what they paint on their bodies…they don’t belong in the United States and have NO right to be here.
      Thanks for commenting…Frank

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  2. The Devil rages furiously when people walk around nude in their right mind. He will be seeing people who are like the child like Adam and Eve. Satan wants to see his violent, warring,, guilt, giving,, fear giving, lying,, faithless character in people.

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    1. I thought GOD personally made Adam and Eve some clothes???
      It’s not about shame, I love naked women. It’s about decorum in a public area. It’s also about ILLEGAL ALIENS who don’t belong in our nation, harassing and assaulting citizens to extort cash.

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