Bad Move: Trying to Rob A Church…in Alabama…

This was a dumb idea, Steffon. Southern Churches are full of deputies, Christians with military experience, farmers who can straighten out an axle with their bare hands, and women folk who are strong and capable. Add to that the fact that these are the Children of GOD, and Daddy gets really angry when something or someone threatens his children.

Southern Churches are not an “easy target”…

A man was shot and killed Sunday night after he attempted to rob a Dothan church parishioner, according to police.


Police indicate Steffon Parreese Valentez Tolver died from a single gunshot wound after trying to rob a person of $50 at Crossroads Baptist Church, located on Westgate Parkway in Dothan. According to police, a church employee shot Tolver once with his personal handgun after Tolver tried to rob him.


The incident happened around 10:40 p.m Sunday.

“From the information I have received, two church employees were inside the building at the time the altercation occurred,” said Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish. An additional church employee had left the premises to run an errand, and arrived back after the suspect had entered into the church.”

According to Parrish, Tolver entered through the back door of the church. Once he was inside the church, Tolver robbed the parishioner of approximately $50, and then attempted to rob an additional staff member.

Parrish said that is when the staff member fired his personal handgun once, striking Tolver in the upper torso. The suspect fled from inside the church building and collapsed outside from his injuries, Parrish said.


According to Houston County Coroner Robert Byrd, Tolver was pronounced dead at 1:18 a.m. Monday morning.


Dothan Police are still investigating the case.

Court records indicate Tolver pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery in January of 2011 and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. It is not immediately known how much of his sentence was served.


Tolver was arrested in April of 2010 and charged with robbing a person in the parking lot of an apartment complex near South Edgewood Street. Police indicated he used a toy gun during the robbery. At the time of the sentencing, Tolver’s attorney said Tolver did not have any previous felony convictions as an adult, but had one as a juvenile when he was 12.

Alabama has laws that allow for the deadly use of force if a person feels imminently threatened. The law also does not require a person to retreat if that person has a lawful right to be in that specific location.

Via: DothanEagle

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