Smoking Gun: Russian Collusion…What the “Media” DOES NOT Want YOU to Know…

As I have said…The left is intrinsically STUPID and EVIL, therefore:

  1. Everything they say is a lie designed to destroy society, culture, the United States of America, and to blaspheme GOD

  2. Being dull and unimaginative, leftists cannot concoct a good scandal to tarnish the right with, so they simply project their personal sins onto conservatives…

  3. Reality and facts, science and reason…have NO bearing in their “thought processes.” They simply feel guilty for their sick, evil ways and hate anyone who does not care to wallow in the filth with them

These three points are succinct, concise, and 100% true and accurate. The liberals don’t cry “Russia” because they care about foreign interference (They in fact ARE foreign interference, they love foreign interference, practice it, and seek it); they cry “Russia” because they know a REAL American WOULD care.

The collaboration between the democrats and their lapdog media hacks during our last election exposes yet again how the left operates.  They wanted to hurt Mr. Trump’s campaign, so they took inventory of all they themselves enjoy that is repulsive to normal people and selected “hiring prostitutes to splash their puny leftist bodies with urine for sexual gratification.” The left then pivoted and projected their sickness onto their target, candidate Trump.

You must understand that no one on the left thinks of this particular kink as sick.  Enjoying “golden showers” is very tame and normal in comparison to the repugnant degeneracy of any democrat. They chose this particular practice to try and destroy Mr. Trump’s candidacy because they thought the average “mom and pop” in the U.S. would be horrified and disgusted by it.

The left’s tactics serve three major purposes…

Firstly, it can damage the target. There are still some people who accept what the “mainstream media” tell them. I occasionally listen to left-wing talk outlets to see what they’re up to and all of the liberals really believe that Mr. Trump did everything the left has accused him of.

Secondly, if the left’s guilt is exposed this tactic allows them to vociferously scream that the charges against them are false and that democrats are being accused in retaliation for exposing the wrongdoing of their target.

Lastly, if the democrats are actually proven guilty, they have the cover of saying “well both sides are guilty”…when it’s really only the left that is guilty.

Bringing us to This:

The ONLY collusion with foreign powers during the last election was perpetrated by the DEMOCRATS!!!

Hillary’s hit-squad Fusion GPS was paid by her and the Russians…

To influence our voting…

With out and out fabrications that the democrats KNEW were lies

You will not be told About this on CNN, or any Other “mainstream” Outlet…

Congressman Steve King (Iowa) speaks the truth in Congress…

More on the treasonous left…HEREHERE…and HERE


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