What will Happen when this Young Gentleman uses a Stun Gun on a Bracelet He’s Holding??? (Warning: Language, but FUNNY)…

Once you get a stun gun, you never have to take crap again…from coke cans and bracelets…

11 thoughts on “What will Happen when this Young Gentleman uses a Stun Gun on a Bracelet He’s Holding??? (Warning: Language, but FUNNY)…

            1. I think he’s a semi-auto guy…the trigger on all the Smith and Wesson revolvers I’ve owned (after it’s cocked) is like a rifle…just a thought, a brain impulse to your finger, and the rounds on it’s way. Makes them real accurate. I have a good friend, a gun nut too, that say’s “pistols aren’t meant to be aimed.” He’s wrong on that one. I’m 65′ away from our storage building and if I asked her to, Freeda could take my J-frame 357 and put one in the lock on the doorknob.

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              1. The only time pistols are not aimed, will be within close proximity of the shooter, and then the instinctive (after trained) hip shot, or the boxer’s fist/grip, as if throwing a punch.
                Speaking for myself, in the first On-Duty shooting, I don’t recall looking at the front ramp. The guy was shooting at me and I was looking at his face, lit up at night by street lamps. He was dressed in black from head to toe.
                The second shooting, the first perp shot at me in a bodega, and again, I looked at his face, then the second guy popped up in the next aisle. Him too, I was concentrating on his face. The third guy, trying to outrun and outsmart me, but I went around the back of the aisles and he raised his gun instantly, he was double tapped C/M.
                Third shooting, other cops were shooting and had to reload their revolvers, I stepped forward of them as the three perps jumped up to shoot and I fired on their silhouettes, and hit all three. Used the front ramp but only had their shadows to go by.
                On youtube, Hickok45 can hit the gong at 100 yards with a snubnose .38 Special.

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              2. Thanks for sharing the great, real-life experiences. I’ve had some success training to shoot with both eyes open, and have found that if the firearm “feels right” or “fits me right,” it does seem to point/ aim rather natural and instinctive. Certainly accurate enough for any target 25′ or less. I’m switching to a semi-auto, after 30 years of revolvers, and 20 years of CC a wheel gun. It seems the threats have changed from: Two guys who heard I had a lot of cash and are close in…to that PLUS (GOD forbid), three or more well armed, semi-trained shooters that may have body armor who are moving through a large venue killing. Five rounds seems a tad light for a situation where maneuver, fire from cover, a crowd of panicked people, etc. might be involved. I’ve always made fun of the 9mm, preferring a 357 or 45, but that round has improved in bullet weight, muzzle velocity, expansion, and penetration to the point I think it’s a reasonable choice. Plus Freeda already carries a 9mm, so we have a shared caliber, and it’s inexpensive to practice with. Being a revolver guy, I prefer sa/da to striker fired weapons. I’ve seen quite a few shot cars, butts, and legs from people who were re-holstering a striker fired pistol, and with the sa/ da, it’s an easy thing to learn to place your thumb on the hammer as you holster the weapon. If the trigger catches something, you’ll feel the hammer move, and stop. Also, the sa trigger seems a bit like home, though it’s not as good as a cocked revolver. I would like your thoughts on: 9mm, and your preference as far as sa/da or striker fired. I know some argue that “you have to learn two different trigger pulls” but if it happens, and death is rushing towards someone, if they don’t freeze and can draw, they’re going to pull the trigger whether the pull is 4 lb. or 44 lb. Also, if you CC, how? I asked this on one of your sites, but I think you didn’t see it. I can’t bring myself to stuff something inside the waist, so I use one of two methods…1. An Israeli made paddle holster. It’s light, comfortable, has good retention, and fast…out and on target in 1-1.3 seconds. It is also a little harder to conceal, requiring larger shirts and a decent belt. 2. A “belly-band.” I have a decent one and it’s very comfortable
                and very discreet…I wore it once for 12 hours, 6 of which was driving, carrying Freeda’s pistol, and a spare magazine…but it’s slow to access the weapon. It takes about 4-4.5 sec. of hilarious pawing and reaching. Your thoughts?


              3. Rather it be a belt holster than paddle.
                9mm okay as long as you can consistently hit the target.
                Revolver has a better trigger, and trigger weights must be sufficient to ignite primers. WW=8.0#/Federal=7.5#.
                Belly bands are nice for concealment. You must have enough on the ball to try to reduce chances of being caught clueless and drawing, but as long as you are armed, it’s okay. Time, well, you need to work on it. From a duty holster, I was timed with G&G B501 (?), S&W Model 10, at 3/20ths draw to firing. Holsters need a break in time and assistance.
                Two shootings I was in, there were three perps shooting at me, and I only had my service revolver. If the perps are vested, you practice Vested Opponent shooting. No response C/M hit, bend those knees and crouch down, fire two in the groin. The biggest issue is most people are not trained the way cops are trained. A few times, I tried to help friends but it went in one ear and out the other. The continue to plink, and not, practice. I enjoy shooting under stress while practicing. Many have asked how I appear so “cold blooded” under fire, but it is conditioning. You fight the way you train, and you train the way you fight.

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              4. Thank you. I’ve been thinking of a good belt and a “high-ride” holster that keeps it tucked in close. I bought one of the retention holsters, and it’s nice, but it pushes the firearm out away from my side an extra 1/2″ to 3/4″ so it’s not good for CC. I wanted a 45, but I didn’t care for the striker fired (except the MOD2 Springfield XD, I shot it well) and a sa/da is either expensive, too big to CC, or both. I tend to stick with calibers I know will be around for a long time and shy away from the “fad” calibers…though I was curious about the SIG 357. When our finances allow, we will get some more training in…and add stress, movement, shoot/ no-shoot, etc. Take care of yourself and thanks again. Oh, I was surprised you didn’t comment or look at the “Detective VS. Goose” video…I think you’ll get a chuckle…https://triggerreset.net/2017/04/19/clarksville-indiana-detective-gets-attacked-by-goose-epic-battle-ensues/


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