The President of the United States of America…Donald J. Trump: Passover and Easter Message…

                                  “America is a nation of believers”…

4 thoughts on “The President of the United States of America…Donald J. Trump: Passover and Easter Message…

    1. I did sign the petition. I know that’s your main issue. My argument is that we already have it, and it’s plainly spelled out in the Second Amendment…it simply needs to be acknowledged by our government. President Trump DID say that he was for nationwide reciprocity for CCW permits, and I hope he comes through. We had to drive to D.C./ Maryland recently and as soon as we hit Maryland I had to take off the J-frame, unload it, lock the firearm, and store the ammunition separate from the weapon. (As soon as we hit Maryland, it also seemed that we really needed to be armed) It was like visiting a freaking third world commie country and I was disgusted that any state could or would restrict an American in this manner. It’s nice to be back in a real FREE state, where most are armed, no-one thinks anything of it, and the Police fuss at you if they pull you over for speeding and you’re NOT carrying.
      I still say that if we hadn’t elected President Trump, our concern would not be Constitutional Carry…it would be having firearms at all. I’m on your side on this, but I wouldn’t trade our President for anyone on the left. The dim-o-crats try and restrict our right to even talk about our rights.


      1. Reciprocity, establishes a foothold for confiscation if the wrong people are ever elected into office.
        There is no substitution for Constitutional Carry. In fact, Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, needs to be unified as one law, and made the Law-of-the-Land. It will eliminate the maze of fifty different state laws, and bring everything under one umbrella law.

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