Sweden: Before and After “Refugees”…

Wake up world! This young lady makes a lot of sense, and it’s worth your time to listen and share this post with a “liberal”…

More fun with islam…HERE

2 thoughts on “Sweden: Before and After “Refugees”…

  1. Until the West’s government names the followers of Islam who carry out this abuse and prosecutes them harshly and publically, nothing will happen.

    The media are unable to comment so public opinion is muted.
    Yes I’m saying censorship due to political ideology is complete.

    Thus the war is already lost by governments being politically correct and liberal minded, following multicultural and religious tolerence policies.

    The situation has reached the stage where positive action is needed.
    NOTHING else will fix this problem as TPTB, as always, have left everything too late for NICE!

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    1. I often marvel at the progs. Why are they doing this? Don’t the left know that if they ever get (GOD FORBID) full power an install their commie-socialist dream system…history has shown that “intellectuals,” gays, blacks, and the other groups the left tries to cobble together for their coalition of hate will be the FIRST to be slaughtered. Doesn’t the “elite” realize that the islamists will cut them down, just as they would like to do to American’s. Sometimes I think they secretly want it. Maybe after decades of the left’s evil, child-molesting, baby-murdering ways…they actually long to be stripped, raped, and thrown off a roof as somewhere deep down they know they are sick, and they subconsciously seek the pit. Who knows what these sick, immature, ignorant traitors think. I know we can’t let them drag down our nation and us with them.

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