muslim “Professor” in the U.S. Blasphemes CHRIST, Student Objects…College Suspends Student…

The life and crucifixion of JESUS is known by scholars to be a historical FACT

  • All time on Earth is dated form JESUS birth and death
  • Believe or not, the entire Earth takes a Sabbath to celebrate HIS birth
  • Several sources outside of the Holy Scriptures validate that JESUS lived when the scriptures say he lived, was baptized by John the Baptist, taught where it was written he taught, and was crucified

But in a modern U.S. college, this happened…

A Christian college student has been suspended after allegedly challenging his Muslim professor’s claims that Jesus wasn’t crucified and that his disciples did not think he was God.

Marshall Polston, a sophomore at Rollins College in Florida, was suspended after disagreeing with these assertions made by his professor, Areej Zufari, in his Middle Eastern humanities class, as reported by The College Fix.

“Honestly, it reminded me of some of the more radical groups I researched when abroad,” Polston told the Central Florida Post. “Whether religious or not, I believe even those with limited knowledge of Christianity can agree that according to the text, Jesus was crucified and his followers did believe he was divine… that he was ‘God.’”

After Polston challenged Zufari on this point, he received a 52 percent on an essay and says the professor refused to explain why. He was later reportedly suspended.

 “I was upset, understandably,” stated Polston. “I’ve never gotten anything less than straight A’s, so I was really interested in figuring out how to possibly improve or at least understand the grade.”


Zufari reported the student to Rollins’s “Dean of Safety” and canceled class, alleging Polston made her feel “unsafe.”

When the class met again, Zufari brought up Sharia law and a male Muslim student suggested that adulterers, gays, and thieves should be decapitated, according to Polston. Multiple students thought the teacher should report the statement and one anonymous student told the FBI, but Zufari purportedly took no action beyond playfully telling the Muslim student something similar to that he was “in time-out” and should remain quiet for a bit.

Along with his suspension, Polston was ordered not to contact Zufari. The professor submitted a police report alleging that Polston disobeyed the order and had shown up outside of the classroom, but both a restaurant receipt and video surveillance stills indicate that the student was buying food at an Orlando restaurant during the class period.

Rollins College previously booted a Christian student group from campus because the organization required members to be Christian and endorse some conservative views, which violated the school’s anti-discrimination policy.

More on the attempt to indoctrinate our kids…HERE

7 thoughts on “muslim “Professor” in the U.S. Blasphemes CHRIST, Student Objects…College Suspends Student…

        1. And since it was OK for mo, child rape is OK for his followers. People aren’t aware of this, but one of the MAIN reasons for our muzzie “allies” going nuts and shooting our troops was because the Americans would stop the mohameddans when they saw them raping little boys and torturing dogs for fun. Their “culture” is incompatible with civilized people.

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          1. You know these things and I know these things but most Americans are being prevented from knowing these things by being led to believe that those of us who want to sound the warnings are bigots, intolerant haters and Islamaphobes … Islamaphobes which is supposed to be a bad thing … but might someday be the social flavor of the day once the Beast manifests itself and starts having its malicious way with some of our citizens. Texas just passed a law that says Texans cannot openly discuss these things anymore for fear of hurting the feelings of the radical enemy that might be residing within.

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            1. In Texas? That hurts, as they are generally a free state. No such thing as “islamophobia” as phobia is an irrational fear…Some have a very rational fear of islamists, and some don’t fear them, they just despise them. Neither is an irrational fear. We have to stop the left from changing the meaning of words.

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              1. We need to stop or severely regulate all forms of brainwashing and there is plenty of it going on in this country right about now. Media is one example I can think of. And now they are trying to get marijuana legalized everywhere. Can you imagine how controllable a whole nations of idiots who are always stoned on something will be? A whole country controlled by potheads. Think of the implications. They are arguing the medical advantages of the stuff but we all know it will eventually go far beyond mere medical necessity because people always find a way to abuse everything sooner or later.

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