Family Moves to Canada for Freedom…Children told they can’t use Computer Lab until muslim’s are done “Praying,” and that they are not Loved Because they are not mohammedans…

Sad…People who desired freedom used to come to the West, assimilate, and contribute. Some still desire to do so, but their hopes are being crushed by the “progressive’s” mad policy of saturating our culture with the evil hate of a laughably false religion…Watch the entire short video, you can see the pain and fear in this mother’s eyes.

Wake up!!! The West needs to remove the malignancy that is islam, NOW! If allowed to exist at all, it should be contained and isolated in the same desolate wasteland it was spawned in…

Found @: CreepingSharia

8 thoughts on “Family Moves to Canada for Freedom…Children told they can’t use Computer Lab until muslim’s are done “Praying,” and that they are not Loved Because they are not mohammedans…

  1. The poor Muslims are doing no more than they are commanded by their prophet to do … to subdue all other religions in the name of Ollie, to slay all the infidels and to take over the world. I wish Christians had half the courage of their convictions that some Muslims have but alas because of the new disease of Political Correctivism the Christians must give way to accomodating their Muslim neighbors. Sad. This is how a culture commits suicide.

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      1. America is not so strong on separating the masses. The last time it was tried it was not too successful and that little adventure into social engineering began at Ft. Sumpter in 1861 I believe. The consequences were tragic and we are still dealing with the fallout.

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        1. And the dems separated the Japanese in WWII…Americans do learn fast when they they set their minds to it. If we could stop the steady stream of lies fed to everyone by schools, the “media,” and by government I think we could see more clearly some obvious truths.

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          1. We would indeed be able to see some more obvious truths if the conditions you describe were in place but as you may be aware Americans are slow to comprehend danger because their main focus is on instant self gratification and if something bad isn’t happening to them individually or to their friends, loved ones and acquaintences, they tend to slough it off as either insignificant or as something that cannot possible touch them and their lives. I remember the days when Americans bragged, “Oh such horrors as the attacks of 911 could never happen here in America!” What a wake up call that was … but the problem is that it happened, it caused turmoil for awhile and now it seems to be all but forgotten. Our culture is committing politically correct suicide and nobody seems to notice or to care.

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            1. I haven’t forgot 9-11, and I’m still rather angry over it. I agree too much of our nation spends too much time hunched over our phones fretting over the latest mindless babble from this or that celebrity…but not all. I see some hope in some of the young people I’m around…they’re thankfully not all brainwashed to hate GOD and the U.S.

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