Nasty Woman Ashley Judd ‘Very Sad,’ ‘Scared’ after Man says “We Like Trump” at Basketball Game…

Scary, scary “older man with white hair”…

Ashley Judd says she’s “very sad” and “scared” after a man who took her picture at a Kentucky basketball game Saturday dared to mention that he likes President Trump.

Ms. Judd, who famously spoke out against the president during the post-inauguration Women’s March on Washington, wrote a Facebook post about the “uncomfortable and scary” situation Saturday during the semifinal between the Kentucky Wildcats and Alabama Crimson Tide at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

The actress described “an older man with white hair” who approached her at her seat and asked to take a picture.

 “I said ‘Yes.’ And before I could offer for him to be in the picture with me, 6 inches from my face, he took my picture with his phone,” she wrote. “He said ‘I’m from Big Stone gap.’ I said, ‘I love Big Stone Gap! What a beautiful town, I loved making the movie there.’ I went on to say how good the cooking is, mentioning, of course, the pineapple upside down cake and pumpkin pie!”

Ms. Judd wrote that she went on to say she “likes” Big Stone Gap, to which the man responded “with open hostility as he was backing away, ‘We like Trump.’”

She called the man’s behavior a “hostile act” that sought to intimidate her.

 “I feel very sad that this happened, and frankly scared,” the actress lamented. “We absolutely need apolitical spaces in this country where we come together for something that is beyond who voted for whom and the platforms, beliefs, and agendas of respective candidates.

“I could’ve easily retorted to this man, for example, with ‘Well, I know everything I need to know about you now, Sir, you voted with the KKK,’” she said.

Via: Washington Times

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5 thoughts on “Nasty Woman Ashley Judd ‘Very Sad,’ ‘Scared’ after Man says “We Like Trump” at Basketball Game…

  1. LOL if she weren’t such a dim bulb she would understand that those of show support Trump could care less what she and the rest of her marginally functioning friends think or feel.

    Have you heard of an incidence where a Trump supporter attacked one of these lightweights if not in self-defence?

    This is the type of nonsense that those with too much time on their hands go Ko-Ko, Thanks J.C.

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