President Trump’s Energy has Shocked the left…(Good Job, Mr. President!!!)…

The anti-American democrats can’t keep up with Donald Trump…

It’s hilarious to see the MSM (Mostly Swamp Media) and DC politicos heads’ spinning as they try to keep up with the Trump Train.  They say “impossible”, he says “great, let’s get started”…

It’s a never ending stream of deliberate consciousness…  LOLOL.  Whoops.

jake-tapper-has-sadThe MSM is really bad at playing whack-a-mole.

By the time they’ve got their cameras and pundits briefed on their preferred outrage of the day ::poof:: someone drops an anvil on their head, Trump disappears and word comes out he’s reappeared with a new batch of  instructions and policy deliverables for them to be outraged about.

Look, over there… no, wait,… over there… here, huh.. wha? Has it really only been a week since it was “muh Russians”?…. sheesh.

Trump-time moves so fast, they don’t have time to roll out the traditional coordinated talking points. President Trump is one person, yet he has them surrounded.

Swamp peeps nerves are frayed, they’re desperate for President Trump to take a day off… but he never stops.  My God, he-just-never-stops.  Today, the swamp passed around the word “crisis”, but it didn’t phase him; he drove right through it.  Abandon the airports, he just fired the AG, head to the courthouse…. EPA did what?  Oh, SCOTUS?…. gotcha!

It’s the scariest thing the entire DC apparatus has ever experienced.  They’re aging on TV in front of your eyes.  TV Time is now measured in dog years. Each media day the pundits grow seven months worth of furrowed brow and wrinkles.

Even at home the media feel like they’re living out of a suitcase, and they haven’t seen a non-coworker in 11 days.  Was that table always there?… Wait, stop… Soy Milk?.. Refugees are… wait, you’re blonde?  huh?..  When did Jess get that tattoo? who?… boyfriend. Wha?  I like football… do I?  I thought… {{phone rings}} what tax plan?…

Obviously they were not paying attention for the past 18 months. This is high energy, all the time:

Via: ConservativeTreehouse

3 thoughts on “President Trump’s Energy has Shocked the left…(Good Job, Mr. President!!!)…

  1. Prescident Trump has come into office and really taken his obstacles down fast. So far, everything he had talked about in his campaign is becoming reality if that is what the Democratic side wants to not. I think President Trump deserves some credit in that aspect. I know somethings people do not agree with which comes with the territory of being President; however, I feel that he has stuck to his word and made so many impossibles possible, as you mentioned above. I am hoping that he continues to stick to his campaign goals while serving his time as POTUS and that he proves himself to be a force to be reckoned with. In the end, if our President can hold his own, that reflects on the nation as a whole.
    – :

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