Mississippi and Georgia Storms Claim 15 Lives…

  • Eleven dead and 23 injured after a devastating Georgia storm on Sunday 
  • Four were left dead in a tornado in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on Saturday 
  • Severe storms are ripping through southeastern states, with Florida next 
  • There have been 16 tornadoes reported this weekend, 11 of them in Georgia

Eleven people were killed in a devastating storm in Georgia, bringing the total number of deaths to 15 in the severe weather wreaking havoc across the southeast.

In addition to the 11 dead and 23 people injured in southern Georgia, four people died after a tornado tore through hundreds of homes in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on Saturday.

The deadly storms ripping across the region have claimed over a dozen lives, and is now headed towards Florida, officials say.

Over the course of the weekend there have been 30 preliminary reports of tornadoes in the South, with at least 11 reported in Georgia alone.

The worst may be yet to come as another round of ‘high risk’ severe weather, including potential tornadoes, heads for the region on Sunday

Via: Daily Mail Online

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