U.S. Soldier Lays Down his Life for Others, Classy “Liberals” Boo his Family…

What is wrong with some people?

On Monday, a grieving family was on a flight from Sacramento, CA, to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on the most tragic of missions — to bring home the body of their son and brother who been killed in Afghanistan.

Sgt. John Perry, 30, gave his life to save others when he stopped a suicide bomber at Bagram Airfield from reaching his target, a 5K Veterans Day run being held to benefit disabled veterans. In doing so, Sgt. Perry may have saved scores of other people.

Now his father, Stewart Perry, and his mother Kathy and sister Anita, were making the sad trip to Dover to bring their boy home. Their American Airlines flight from Sacramento was delayed 45 minutes, and the flight crew was concerned that they would miss their connecting flight in Phoenix. Upon arriving at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, the pilot requested that other passengers remain seated to allow a ‘special military family’ to exit first.

That’s when booing and hissing began from some people in first class. Loudly, and in earshot of the Perry family.

As Stewart Perry told a Philadelphia newspaper, “Some people were saying ‘This is just baloney,’ and ‘I paid for first-class for this?’ It was just disgusting behavior from people in first class; it was terrible to see.”

Via: VictoryGirlsBlog

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