Donald Trump talks Ford into Keeping jobs in the U.S.A., Before he is Sworn in as the President…

Trump is Firing on all Cylinders…

Donald Trump has not even been sworn into office, but he is already working to make the U.S. great again. The dollar is at a 14 year high, the stock market has been setting records, and auto giant Ford has decided to keep some of it’s production originally slated to move to Mexico, here in the United States.

" Kentucky Ford plant. The 4,626,490-square-foot plant on 500 acres opened in 1969 and currently employs 8500 people total." Photo:










Of course some of the rabid “anti-Trump” people are saying Mr. Trump had nothing to do with Ford’s decision, but as we know…the left and their “mainstream media” lap dogs are liars. Company Chairman Bill Ford gave the reason for their decision…


So far, I am impressed and encouraged by President-Elect Trump. Keep up the good work, sir…and may GOD bless, guide, and keep you.

Frank N. Blunt

Found @: Regated

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