“American” Red Cross in Louisiana: Police Officer’s Prayer for Flood Victims “Offensive”…

When the deluge of water drenched his town of Lafayette, Higgins dropped to his knees for God’s guidance on how he could use his position in the community to help.

He knew the answer before he asked, saying, “This flood is biblical in proportion, and I believe it certainly calls for a biblical response.”

With a desire and purpose to bring people together, he stopped by the Heymann Center to pray with now-homeless Louisianans, but his sincere effort wasn’t received as he had hoped.

According to the Independent Journal Review, as Higgins began to pray, he got a tap on the shoulder from an irate Red Cross volunteer demanding that he leave immediately.

Shocked at the response, Higgins wanted to know what was wrong with comforting victims, who welcomed the gesture in their time of need, in this way.

That’s when he learned that he “wasn’t being respectful of all faiths,” and since he was offending others with his prayer, he was no longer welcome there.

Nancy Malone, a spokeswoman for the American Red Cross, told The Advocate that the volunteer who removed the officer from the center did the right thing in following the organization’s policy, which states that no religion can be singled in practice.

To prevent anyone of a different faith from being offended, the Red Cross has gone completely politically correct with a Spiritual Prayer Team that they prefer evacuees use, which isn’t specific to any religion.

It’s the organization’s way of filling a religious need without offending.

Higgins couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Our First Amendment rights include the freedom of religion and the free practice thereof,” he said. “But moreover, man, bigger than our own First Amendment, what’s wrong with offering love and prayer to people that are in a shelter?”

Via: conservativepost.com

Who is this man? A Good, God fearing MAN that you don’t want to get on the wrong side of…More of Mr. Higgins…HERE

AND, He’s an AMERICAN through and through…WATCH

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