Why I Will Vote for Mr. Trump, and Why You Should Also…

Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump

Anyone who knows me personally is aware that Mr. Trump was not in the first three positions on my list of people I wanted to vote for. As I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a conservative, an American, my first choice was Ted Cruz. No-one in either party comes close to Mr. Cruz in intelligence, experience, and love for the U.S. Constitution, and he is a devout Christian to boot! But it seems as if the conservative banner will be moved forward by Mr. Trump, and the more it appears that he will be our nominee, the more I like it. Here is why I will gladly cast my precious vote for him and why you should consider doing the same…

Democrats are a Filthy Lot

Let’s face it, democrats are stupid and evil. There is nothing pure, righteous, patriotic, fun, or good that they don’t hate with a vile, furious passion. Almost everything that many of us thank GOD for daily, they attack daily. I know that someday we will all give account of our lives, and I will vote against people who: murder babies for convenience, burn the flag of my nation, incite riots, lie, indoctrinate young people into madness and evil, hate Israel, hate and slander GOD, etc. Democrats have proven in no uncertain way that they are incompetent concerning defense and the military, the economy, and social issues. Honestly, if you cannot figure out which restroom you belong in, you aren’t very bright.

He is not Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders

Bernie is a socialist-commie idiot, as is Hillary, though she’s not as honest about it. But really…Hillary? I don’t think she’s a true believer in the left’s worshiping evil; she’s just in it for her own gain and glory. The “House of Clinton” has sold secrets and influence to our enemies, virtually every condescending screech that issues from their putrid mouths is a lie, and they have had voodoo priests perform ceremonies to advance their careers, but I think they are really driven by a passion to enrich and empower themselves and nothing more.



I don’t know how many more democrat circus clown administrations this nation can take, and I don’t want to find out. The left murders their children, steals your money, and uses it to indoctrinate your children against you and GOD.  A bag of dog poop or toenail clippings would be a better, more competent and more honorable president than any democrat currently breathing oxygen.

Mr. Trump is Crazy Enough that he Just Might do the Things he said he Would

If Mr. Trump builds a wall and sends all illegals back to their homes, if he stops muslim immigration and destroys isis,  if he defends the Second Amendment and ends “gun free zones,” if he ends common core and stops wasting money on the global warming/ cooling wealth redistribution scam…WOW! The jobless rate will plummet, and pay will increase. Many Americans will NOT be murdered, raped, and robbed. Billions in fraudulent I.R.S. payments will not be paid out. Children will be better educated, and we can give some of the surplus of funds back to taxpayers and hopefully use the rest to harden our infrastructure against E.M.P.s.  I say we elect Mr. Trump and hold his feet to the fire and make him do right!

Americans do not elect “leaders,” we elect representatives to uphold the Constitution and do our bidding. Donald Trump seems like he wants to work for us, and I think he will work really hard. Yes, he might appear to be a Yankee buffoon with a penchant for tacky, gaudy self-promotion…but he just might be OUR Yankee buffoon.

Trump is the Un-PC

And it’s way past time for PC to die…”Political Correctness” has nothing to do with equality, care, or respect for minorities; PC is simply a small group of white people with an agenda from hell trying to leverage control over other white people. It’s idiotic and should be called out and ridiculed as such.

Mr. Trump hit a Home Run with his N.R.A. Speech

I watched the speech and not only did he say all the right things, I was impressed with his sincerity and how unpretentious he was. The man acted like he wanted me to hire him to run the Executive branch, and the interview went very well. If you watch his speech and don’t think he was awesome and that he is the better choice, you are not a conservative and it’s doubtful that you are an American.

That’s What She Said

As the sexy Freeda stated in her commentary, I like Mr. Trump because of all the people who rabidly hate him. If the media and the democrats start howling out rage like the hateful fiends that they are, you must be on the side of righteousness. Even the pasty, soft-bellied R.I.N.O.s (Republican in Name Only) who we sent up to D.C. to beat the “progressives” into submission (but ended up having snuggle fests with the party of darkness), hate him. That, my fellow citizens, is a very good sign.

Donald Trump is a throat punch to the leftists, and a right hook to the Republicans.

I am very tired of sending someone up there to set things right, and have them fall right in line with the idiot left. The only time I want a conservative to “reach across the aisle” is to throttle a libbie into submission. I think Mr. Trump has some fire in his belly, he’s no coward, and he doesn’t care so much what libbies think or if they dis-invite him to their cocktail parties. I also don’t think he’s part of the “skull and bones” elitist set, we should pray for his protection and that he doesn’t join…

Look at What He is Risking

Why would Mr. Trump do this? He already has wealth and power, enough to last him and his family the rest of their lives. He doesn’t have to rub elbows with the masses and could spend the rest of his life insulated from most unpleasantness. Instead he has chosen to risk his life and fortune to take on the left.

If he loses, what do you think will become of the “Trump brand”? Will the filthy democrat mob forgive him, or has he made himself, his family, and his businesses targets of the bestial fury of the democrats for life? I think he is for real, and if he is willing to risk so much for us perhaps we can risk a vote for him. Mr. Trump says he wants to give back to the country that has treated him so well, and I believe him.

Trump Train

Thus, if he survives and makes it to the general election…I will vote for Donald Trump to be the President of the United States of America! It will be my honor, and it’s the right thing to do for the U.S.A., my household, and for my child’s future. I want the left lying in the fetal position, gasping for breath, and holding their throat…I want the “elite” of the G.O.P. with a broken jaw and tears in their eyes as they realize that we are serious, this is our nation, and that they are the servants, not the masters…   Frank N. Blunt

5 thoughts on “Why I Will Vote for Mr. Trump, and Why You Should Also…

  1. I love this post as you have said is so honest and so true. I didn’t think much of Trump to start, but after seeing his rallies and what he had to say, I quickly grew to like him and respect him for his love of our country.
    I am voting for Trump come rain, snow, ice, hail, I’m getting to my polling place and I’m voting with a paper ballot, not one of those machines that may be rigged.

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